Tennis Holidays England UK

Tennis Holidays England UK

Tennis Holidays England UK: There are several tennis holidays in England you can choose if you are an armchair tennis player. Facilities have changed from the time holiday hotels in Wimbledon had pot holed tarmacs as well as unkempt grass that overgrew and made walks inside the premises uncomfortable.

Top end hotels and clubs lure tennis buffs

In the last few years, some top end hotels have set up shop luring tennis holidaymakers with some of the finest facilities and customer service with off-court tennis playing facilities as well.

Tennis Holidays England UK

Intensive Tennis Coaching

The hotels offer four or five-star facilities that also offer tennis coaching and after-games massages as well.

Even those without any active tennis playing experience can get the feel of a real tennis holiday in England. There are resorts and clubs across England where you can catch up on the tennis fever. There are country clubs in Buckinghamshire where there are courts to suit players of all levels and tastes.

You can take regular lessons during your holiday and get tips from pros as well. Taking tennis holidays is like living to the full and experiencing the real stuff you see at matches and on TV. There are shops in the clubs where you can buy designer tennis gear and also benefit from the spas and massage centers as well.

Buying tennis kit out there while being trained by experts can be an invigorating experience for the holidaymaker out to live, breathe and play tennis.

Pros coach all levels

The facilities and ambiance is a top class right from the time you check in. Most double rooms are around GBP 250 a night and a one to one lesson in tennis can cost GBP 35 per hour. If you want to experience much beyond the courts, you have to take a real tennis holiday. There are coaches who have trained pros in the past and they can show how and where you need fine tuning with the help of in-house video analysis.

Tennis Holidays Clubs 

You can meet like-minded guests at the tennis holiday clubs and share tips and play games together. Many clubs encourage guests to dine together to promote sportsmanship and bonhomie. While holidaying in Hampshire you can not only get quality coaching but loaded up packages for the tennis buffs with fabulous discounts from time to time.

Tennis Holidays England UK

Even if you are a reasonably good player, there are chances of honing your skills in real time. Surrey and Hampshire are great tennis holiday destinations where you can kick off your training each morning and your playing standard is assessed before you are assigned to a training program.

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