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Travel Checklist:

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Step 3 – Travel Checklist

Over the years, starting with my first visit abroad to Seoul, South Korea in 1994, I have kept a checklist handy and have kept making new revisions of it after marriage and then after I had my daughter (now the list has almost doubled!). Idea is to make two lists – first, write the items that you would be carrying.

Second has all the activities that need to be completed before you go. e.g. pay credit card bill, switch off oven(!) and lights etc.

I always keep a copy of all my travel documents, travelers’ cheque receipt and Itinerary with a friend/family. I keep the contact details of my Embassy and credit card lost/stolen no. handy on me. Everyone traveling with me gets a copy of all documents / Itinerary to carry with them. You will be surprised how it has come handy to a few of my friends who lost their passports while traveling.

Travel Planning Steps 

Planning & budgeting Itinerary/ Schedule Travel-Checklist Outside Links:

I know what I have said in the travel planning is all common sense and most of you would be doing it anyway, but thought of sharing it with any newbie who got bitten by the travel bug to show that

1. Planning helps to organize things better and avoids last minute running around.

2. It saves $$$

3. In case of any contingency, you are well prepared.

And that

4. It’s not very difficult at all.

I hope this gives you some ideas as an independent traveler. I have intentionally kept this section fairly generic and not made it specific to England Travel since it applies to any travel to any country (and within the country for that matter). Do send me your feedback and any other ideas that work for you.

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