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• About United Kingdom
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About UK Introduction

About UK Introduction

The United Kingdom is made up of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

• Scotland has its own parliament since May 1999
• The Queen opened the national assembly for Wales in May 1999.
• The new Northern Ireland Assembly was elected in June 1998.

The parliament of Westminster is still responsible for macroeconomic policy,
Defense, social security, foreign policy and immigration and nationality.

Perhaps the most famous icon of Scottish traditional culture is the Highland bagpipe, which achieved the height of its popularity during Queen Victoria’s
reign – she liked to be woken by one playing outside her window.

Scotch Whisky, the country’s biggest export is distilled in Scotland.

Capital- Edinburgh
Edinburgh is unique among Scotland’s cities. As dark, dramatic and incorrigibly romantic as a 19th-century landscape, Edinburgh castle lords it over the city, letting loose a daily blast of cannon to remind you who’s boss.

Aberdeen– The Granite City
An extraordinary symphony in grey, almost everything in Aberdeen is built of granite – even the roads Aberdeen services one of the world’s largest offshore oilfields.

About UK Introduction

Glasgow, It also boasts excellent art galleries and museums, as well as numerous good-value restaurants, countless pubs and bars and a lively arts scene.

Area: 78,469 km2
Population: 5.1 million (approx.)

NORTHERN IRELAND Belfast is the capital of Ireland. The heritage of Northern Ireland is largely rural. Ulster people are outdoor people. They spend their leisure time pottering around the coast or going on family expeditions to the mountains at weekends. Land of blue mountains and forest parks, many lakes and windswept moors, white Atlantic sands, an inland sea. In fact, it’s a country that is just pretending to be small.

About UK Introduction

Area: 13,458 km2
Population: 1.6 million (approx.)

WALES Prince Charles is known as The Prince of Wales And Late Lady Diana was the most famous Princess of Wales Wales is just what you picture it to be:
rolling moorlands, glaciated mountain areas, mellifluous male-voice choirs, tongue-twisting place names, Rugby Union, ‘Bread of Heaven’, romantic castles, people with querying lilts, cheese on toast and old mining towns.

Apart from the fantastic walking and cycling that’s available in the country, there’s also a wealth of water and adventure sports, horse riding, and fishing.

Cardiff, a busy commercial and university city is the Welsh capital attracts visitors to its fine dining and nightlife. Cardiff also offers its striking city-center
castle, important national museum and art gallery, redeveloped docks area and pockets of beautiful architecture. The huge Millennium Stadium sits in the
city center like a UFO. Welsh, the local dialect in Wales, means a gathering of bards

Area: 20,774 km2
Population: 2.9 million (approx.)

ENGLAND Greenwich, London, England is the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Prime Meridian (zero longitudes) since 1884. Here time is set for the world.
England is a country of great contrast and diversity both in the places and in the people living there. All the regions of England are within easy reach of the
exciting capital city, London, famed for first class culture, fascinating history and pageantry, its world-class restaurants and theatre.

Area: 130,324 km2
Population: 49 million (approx.)

UK STATISTICS The mid-2005 United Kingdom population is estimated at 59.75 million. The population of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom is estimated as
England – 49 million (83.6% of the total UK population)
Scotland – 5.1 million (8.6%)
Wales – 2.9 million (4.9%)
Northern Ireland – 1.6 million (2.9%)
• The UK exported over £ 250 billion in 2004
• The UK is the world’s 3rd largest exporter of hi-tech equipment
(aerospace, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and ADP equipment).
• The UK is the world’s 5th largest exporter of goods and the 2nd largest
exporter of services.
• The UK is world’s 4th largest economy (in terms of GDP).
{GDP (UK) = US$ 1380 billion as compared to India’s GDP of US $ 550 billion}