Wimbledon Tickets

Wimbledon Tickets Ballot for 2016 championships

How to get Wimbledon Tickets 2016?

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Wimbledon Tickets

Wimbledon Tickets Ballot

There are FOUR ways to obtain tickets for The Championships 2016:

Note that Public Ballot for 2016 for UK residents is already Closed.

Public Ballot Entry for Overseas Applicants for 2016 is also closed.

Let’s start with the dates.

2016 Wimbledon dates are 27 June to 10 July 2016.

2016 Wimbledon tickets

There are 4 ways to get tickets

1. The Ballot

The date for postal ballot applications for 2016 championships is over now. However, if you wish to keep an eye on the ballot tickets for 2017 championship, then you may want to keep a reminder for yourself sometime in October 2016.

2. The Queue

Wimbledon is one of those special tournaments where people can still buy tickets for the day by queueing up on the day. e.g. if you want to see on a Monday, typically you should be in the queue really early, say 5 am to be able to get a ticket at sometime during the day. Note that there are fans who queue up overnight, so it’s your call. I went twice and was in the queue since 6 am and got inside the courts sometime around 1 pm.

3. Buy tickets on Ticketmaster who is the official agent for the tournament.

4. Official hospitality packages available from Keith Prowse and Sportsworld.

5. Keith Prowse and Sportsworld are the two official tour operators who provide hospitality packages, including tickets and London hotel accommodation.

6. Visitors from the UK, Asia, and Australasia can get packages from Sportsworld

7. Visitors from the UK, Europe, and the Americas are served by Keith Prowse

Sportsworld Group Limited 

1 – 3 Union Street
Kingston upon the Thames

For UK Visitors: 

Wimbledon hospitality packages are available at Sportsworld’s website here  sportsworld.co.uk/wimbledon

Their contact details are as below.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8971 2966

Email: sales@sportsworld.co.uk

Keith Prowse

To book:
Telephone: 0845 126 9800

Website: keithprowse.co.uk/wimbledon

Email: wimbledon@keithprowse.co.uk

Keith Prowse, Parkview, 82 Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8 1UX

Wimbledon Tickets from Abroad 

Since you are late for the postal ballot this year, the best way to buy tickets will be to go and stand in the queue really early around 4 am in the morning. That should be good enough to get you a ticket. Another tip is to go there on a weekday instead of the first Saturday as many people do. There is generally more crowd on a Saturday.

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