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I have intentionally kept this section fairly generic and not made it specific to England Travel since it applies to any travel to any country (and within country for that matter).

So, it should really say How I plan my travel? - In no way I'm an expert and experienced tourist guide or have anything to do with the travel agencies. I'm an avid traveller like some of you and I like to do my own planning and organize things. To me that is as important as the travel itself.

I like going on short trips (typically upto a week) to one country at a time rather than longer trips covering multiple places. I prefer to do my own research months in advance and do all travel, insurance, hotel, passes bookings myself rather than relying on a travel agent to do it for me. With Internet its possible very easily and it saves money too. I have nothing against the guided tours or touring companies, its just that for me, planning and deciding what to do / see gives great satisfaction.

Travel Planning Steps
Planning & budgeting
Itinerary/ Schedule
Travel Checklist
Travel Itinerary Template

When I visit a country, I want to be 'close to ground' - travelling on public transport, speaking in broken foreign language, going to bank to convert currency, collecting local coins (Have lost this fun since the advent of Euro), eat in a roadside café, study local maps. Most of these pleasures would be lost if I go on a guided tour.

I'm a photography-oriented tourist wanting to see many places and take lots of digital pictures, do lots of shooting with my camcorder and also take pictures with good ol' camera (to remember when I retire). I also enjoy creating / editing my holiday DVDs and showing it to my family & friends (I have to entice them into watching it over a drink though!). Ok enuff of my story.

Here is what the page title says - How I plan my travel:

This in no way meant to advise you on how you should plan your travel. This is just the way I plan it and find it to work. I have used this method to travel to almost 10 countries and it worked for me. These are the three steps:

1. Planning and budgeting

2. Itinerary / Schedule

3. Implement with travel checklist

Planning typically starts 2/3 months in advance.

1. I study the country I want to visit.

2. Visit various Internet sites, contact local embassy and request brochures, borrow books from library, and talk to friends who have visited the country.

3. Then I list down what I definitely want to see.

4. I check out what are the flight fares. Typically I try to keep the schedule a bit flexible. To find best offers, I find fares on the flight website. With all the no frill airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair you can find out best one way fares over a period of time. Offcourse, if you are travelling by other airlines, you can still find out fares from the agent.

5. One more important thing I do is to work out fares for different combinations e.g. travel in to London and travel out from Edinburgh (and vice versa) as you are travelling. It not only saves time to come back to original destination, but if you do some homework, you will be amazed to see how much you can save. Then I choose the dates that look right, it may not be the cheapest dates but at least it gives me an idea of how much difference it can make if I'm flexible. This is my Travel Plan and Budget Spreadsheet (Disclaimer)

6. Check local trains and transportation timetables to see what is realistic in the no. of days I'm visiting. Study what country pass would suit me best.

7. Based on all above research, I get my Projected Expense Calculation with typical expenses. See my Travel Plan and Budget Spreadsheet (Disclaimer)

Then of course I book the flight / train tickets.

8. Next step - see Itinerary/ Schedule --->


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