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Where is Croydon airport located? Croydon airport museum and its history

Croydon Airport: First International Flights

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Where is The Croydon Airport Located?


Airport House
Purley Way
Telephone:+44 (0)20 8669 1196

Croydon Airport History

Croydon Airport was the world’s first international terminal, from the earliest days of air transport until it closed in 1959. For those who could afford air travel, it was the place to be at to travel internationally and to go to Europe. It was the hub of the Empire’s air mail services.

Have seen this very interesting film about how the airport looked in 1938. This was shot by Ronald Redburn in 1938. His local cine club visited Croydon Airfield.

It was that year that the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had flown back to there after his meeting with Hitler at Munich.

Imperial Airways at Croydon Aerodrome in 1924

Airport Transport:

Its local to Croydon, you can take a taxi from East Croydon station.

What to see at the Museum?

The Visitor Centre is housed in the control tower and boasts a ‘Museum of Aviation’ with interactive features and a gift shop. The tour guides are excellent and are there to tell you about things. There are fancy dress boxes for the kids and a flight simulator and radios to play within the control room.

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