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Croydon shopping centre opening hours: Centrale shopping opening times

Croydon shopping centre opening hours

Croydon shopping Centre opening hours East & West Croydon Information:
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Where is Croydon shopping center located?

It’s right next to the West Croydon train station/bus station. The best way to reach there by train is to get down by West Croydon train station/bus station. If you happen to come by tram, there is a tram stop right next to it.

If you are coming from East Croydon train station, take right as you come out of the station and go straight. You will reach one of the entries of the Whitgift center.

Opening times of Whitgift center:

Monday………9 am – 7 pm

Tuesday…….9 am – 7 pm

Wednesday…9 am – 7 pm

Thursday…….9 am – 9 pm

Friday……….. 9 am – 7 pm

Saturday…….9 am – 7 pm

Sunday……. 11 am – 5 pm

Bank Holidays   10am – 6pm

Do check their website for any changes: Whitgift center

There is one more shopping place in Croydon that is right opposite the Whitgift center on the main street.

Centrale shopping Centre: Opening times are:

Usual hours of operation are 10 to 6:30 pm. On Thursdays, its open till 8:30 pm.

Always check on their website for any changes: Croydon Centrale opening hours

I have taken some recent pictures for you (March 2014)

Croydon shopping Centre

Below is the shopping center high street. Whitgift center is on the left side and Centrale is on the right. This picture is taken while walking from the West Croydon station to the city center.

Shops on the High Street:

I would say, its the usual stuff: Debenhams, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Accessorize, Boots, Clarkes, Clintons, H. Samuels, H and M, JD Sports and like.

It’s not the biggest of shopping centers and I find it a bit cramped. There are bigger and better shopping centers in Stratford and Milton Keynes.

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