Places to eat in Milton Keynes

Places to eat in Milton Keynes: Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Pubs

Places to Eat in Milton Keynes Information:

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If you are new to MK and wondering where to eat in Milton Keynes, the good news is, it has a good choice of hotels.

Places to eat in Milton Keynes Shopping Center

It is useful to note that the best places to eat in Milton Keynes are all in the vicinity on the road that starts from the Milton Keynes Central station and goes right up to the shopping center.

As you come out of the station, on your right you have an Indian restaurant called La-Hind. Which essentially stands for “The India” as a mixed name of French+Hindi.

Places to eat in Milton Keynes

They serve decent North Indian food and are reasonable. The ambiance is India theme inspired by a rickshaw welcoming you at the door.

Opposite the train station on the other side of the main road, you have the premier Indian restaurant called Jaipur. Its name is obviously inspired by the name of a famous Indian city. It’s a beautiful white colored building which you will not miss. Lovely ambiance and lovely authentic Indian food. Price is on a bit higher side though.

Places to Eat in Milton Keynes

As you walk straight opposite the Milton Keynes central station towards the main shopping center, on your left you will see Wetherspoons pub. The place is generally crowded on Fridays and Saturdays and weather permitting, you can sit outside as well.

Places to eat in Milton Keynes

Just a few steps further on the left, you have Chiquitos which serves very good Mexican food. It’s a reasonably priced Mexican chain of hotels in England.

As you walk further, on your right, you have Jury’s Inn hotel and there are a couple of pubs nearby.

Once you reach the city center/shopping center, there are plenty of options to choose from which include:

Pizza hut – Italian Pizzazz
Wagamama – Chinese food
TGIF – Mexican hotel

And many others

You also have beefeaters pub opposite Xscape.

For a quick Chinese buffet lunch, I like Sameep on Silbury Boulevard.

Best Places for Indian Food in England:

Milton Keynes Places to Eat: Jaipur hotel

One of the best places for Indian food in England: Jaipur in Milton Keynes

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