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Travel to London from Brentwood Accommodation High Street Places to eat Places to see Premier Inn hotel in Brentwood is located right across the train station. If you are looking for an accommodation very near to train station then this could be a good choice. Another hotel nearby is the Brentwood B&B. I have stayed in both and Premier Inn is of course much better than the Brentwood B&B.

Brentwood Premier Inn Hotel Location

However, I must note a few problems/issues from my perspective. More details are below. Location wise, it is much closer to the high street and the railway station than the Holiday inn. Holiday Inn is on the opposite side of the station.

Brentwood Premier inn hotel location

Holiday inn <-> Train station <-> Premier inn <-High Street-> is how the road is. Prices in both these hotels are generally comparable, but Premier inn is a bit cheaper if you do not take the breakfast option. There is a cafe right opposite Premier inn which serves full English breakfast for less than 4 pounds.

Some Issues that I Faced with this Hotel

I stayed there for around 2 weeks for business. I had to join early morning conference calls which means dialing a 0870 / 0800 number. However, premier inn DOES NOT have a phone in any of the rooms. When enquired, I was told not may people use it so they removed it. having paid GBP 100 for a night, this is not an acceptable situation. Typically 0870 and 0800 are not free from a mobile.

Brentwood Premier inn hotel location

Another issue I observed was the lack of cupboard in the room. Having traveled with 2 / 3 large bags, those were just lying on the floor for 2 weeks. There is NO safe in the room. Although the reception suggested keeping stuff with them, it’s much convenient to keep stuff in a safe in the room itself.

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No trolley to carry heavy luggage. Which means I had to drag it all the way to 9th-floor rooms. At least on that floor, the issue is, it’s not a flat pathway from the lift to the room. There is a step in betwen which means having to lift heavy luggage in between. I managed to snip one handle in the process.

Maybe being a business hotel, they expect people to come around for a couple of days with small bags. However, I had above problems during my stay.

Brentwood Premier inn hotel location

Holiday Inn on the other side, does have a swimming pool and a telephone in the room. I would not Brentwood B & B unless you are tight on budget. I stayed on a second-floor self-contained apartment. It was too small with a very low ceiling. It did not give much comfort and spacious feeling at all.

Check in the process in Brentwood’s Premier Inn:

When you booked the hotel, you would have got a booking reference number. When you walk into the hotel, there are a couple of kiosks / automated check-in machines on the right. Just enter your name/reference number and pay using credit/debit card.

The machine pops out your electronic room key and your receipts. 30 mins wifi is free per day. However, you can buy unlimited as well for about a tenner a week or appx 2 pounds a day. You can choose the wifi option and the paid breakfast option on the machine before making the payment.

Brentwood Premier inn hotel location


It is quite good, although as you would expect, it is not cheap as compared to the cafe across the road. They typically have a couple of juices like apple, cranberry. Costa coffee machines are also there. You can also ask for soya milk.

It also includes cereals, cornflakes, fresh fruits, dry fruits, sausages, eggs to order, bread, marmalade and so on. The cafe overlooks the train station and the street so does take the window seat to see the world pass by.

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