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Rochester Castle

The Eastern bank of Medway River in the United Kingdom nests the famous Rochester Castle. Though the invention of new defense mechanisms has led to the shifting of the military base away from the Rochester Castle.

This old fortification has played a significant role since the age of the Romans. Standing strong since the time of Aulus Plautius, this castle has been witness to many wars and bombings.

Under the Normans, the Rochester Castle was designed according to the mottle and bailey style and was in the form of a tower made of wood along with palisades. However, this castle was overwhelmed during the 1088 rebellion under William Rufus. After this, the existing structure was replaced by a stone castle which was later handed over to William de Corbel.

Rochester Castle Siege

The castle played a significant role during the blockade of 1215 and was repaired by Henry III after the death of King John. The castle was thus revamped with an additional ditch in order to strengthen security. The siege that took place in 1264 also brought the castle into the limelight.

However, the coming of gunpowder and cannons brought with it new forms of warfare. The Rochester Castle thus faded into the background as it was considered to be ill-equipped for defense purposes. Bishop Gundulf, thanks to his hard work in repairing the castle, is often called the first of the “King’s Engineers”. Under Gundulf, once again the castle gained its deserved heritage.

Rochester Castle Defensive Features

Today the castle is open to the public and is maintained by the English Heritage. Many parts of the castle, like its flooring in certain areas, have been damaged but some of its most famous ornamental features, such as its archways and its well-known well, are still a pleasure to the eyes. Those who have a love for heights and beauty can take the pleasure of scenic magnificence from the top of the castle.

Rochester Castle Gardens

The Rochester castle gardens have been a popular place for those looking for relaxation through the centuries. Many fests and stage shows continue to be hosted in this area. The gardens are well maintained and provide people with the inspiration they are looking for.

Every lover of beauty must definitely visit this castle. The Rochester castle is not only rich with its long history and architectural magnificence but also offers an abundance of solitude through its surreal surroundings. The shows and performances held in its premises provide ample entertainment and joy!

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