England Taboos

What to do and not do in England Taboos

What to do and not do in England Taboos

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What to Do and not do in England Taboos

Like in any country, there are certain ways of behavior in a country. Here are some DO’s and DON’TS (Taboos) in Britain for a tourist. These include good manners and way you will be expected to behave or talk in public or in person.


  • Drive on the left side of the road
  • Proper manners are very important, you should say “excuse me” if someone is blocking your way. They will politely move so you can walk past.
  • Never push your way through a line, stand in line until it is your turn.
  • In a pub or bar, pay for each drink as you order.
  • Good manners once again come into play. You should always say “please” and “thank you”. If you do not use these words, in England it is considered rude behavior.
  • If you must yawn or cough, cover your mouth.
  • When you are introduced to another person, using your right handshake their right hand.
  • If you are walking through a crowd and you accidentally bump someone, say “sorry” even if you were not the one that caused the bump.
  • Those in Great Britain like to see smiling faces as it is a face that welcomes others.
  • Open doors for others both men and women.
  • Use knife and fork properly. Brits eat properly as well. We always use a fork in our left hand and the knife in our right hand. The only foods we eat with our hands are fruit, crisps, and sandwiches.
  • If you are a guy, you need to take your hat off before going indoors. It is rude to wear a hat indoors especially in churches.


  • Never talk loudly in public
  • Do not throw trash on the street including cigarette butts. If caught you will be given an 80£ fine.
  • Of course, never steal from a store. All stores have cameras and guards.
  • Do not stare at others, residents like their privacy.
  • Do not greet others with a kiss unless they are close friends or family.
  • Do not pick your nose in a public place. This is very disgusting to Brits.
  • Spitting on the street is very bad manners.
  • Burping is also frowned upon and should be done with your hand over your mouth and a polite “excuse me”afterward
  • Never pass wind in public. If you cannot stop, then say “pardon me”. However, when possible go someplace private first.
  • Never speak with your mouth full of food it is impolite.
  • Never eat food from a knife.
  • Never ask a lady her age, it is considered impolite. Along with this, do not ask intimate questions such as how much someone weighs or how much they earn.

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