British dinner gift ideas

British dinner gift ideas

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British dinner gift ideas

If you have been invited to dinner by a British family it is not expected that you bring a gift, on the other hand, it is customary and the polite thing to do.

British dinner gift ideas

So, what gifts to take when invited by a British family for dinner?

The British dinner gift ideas that are appropriate include flowers, the bottle of wine or chocolate.

However, there are a few things you should also know before going to dinner. Manners are very important.

Be on Time- British people are very punctual. If you agree to meet at a specific time, they will be there exactly at the time planned. It is impolite to arrive even a few minutes late. If you cannot make it on time, it is expected that you will call to let them know you will be late.

British dinner gift ideas

Drop by anytime is not taken literally in Great Britain. It is customary to call before visiting. If you are sent an invitation that states RSVP, then you should always let the host know if you will be attending or if you cannot attend.

Do not accept an invitation and then not attend. If you cannot attend, it is impolite to let the host know you will not be attending.

Typical Dinner Menu

The evening meal is often called supper or dinner served after high tea which is normally at 6 pm, popular in Scotland and North England.

A typical dinner menu will include a meal and two vegetables with hot brown gravy over all the meat and the vegetables. One of the vegetables served is always potatoes. Dinner is served between 6:30 and 8:00 pm.

Vegetables you will find with a typical dinner include cabbage, peas, carrots, and onions along with potatoes. Along with dinner, a pudding such as Yorkshire pudding will be served after the main course. The meats often served to include lamb, pork, beef, and chicken. On the other hand, today more British are serving pasta or rice as the popular British dinner.

British dinner gift ideas

In Great Britain, on Sunday it is customary to serve what is known as Sunday Roast. In the majority of cases, the roast meat will be served along with potatoes and another vegetable as mentioned above.

Formal or informal menus are basically the same in that you will be served a meat and two vegetables along with a dessert or pudding. The only difference is that formal dinner is ones where you received an invitation to come for dinner.

Beef is served with a hot white horseradish sauce, lamb is served with green mint sauce, and pork with sweet applesauce.


Always remember your manners. No one at the table will begin eating until everyone is served. Always use your knife and fork except for eating such things as pizza, fruit, and crisps. All other food items are eaten using a knife and fork. Whatever you do, never lick food from the knife.

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