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Learning English in the UK / London –Speak, Read, Online, language, Courses, Books, CDs, Grammer

If your family or employees wish to improve their English they can take full-time or part-time courses in English as a foreign language at a wide range of schools and colleges. The British Council regularly inspects organizations offering such courses and gives them accreditation if they meet high-quality standards. There are now more than 380 accredited institutions in the UK, offering English courses at all levels and for all ages.

Learning English in the UK

For details of the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme and help in finding a suitable course, visit the British Council’s website at:

The British Council manages this scheme jointly with English UK which offers useful information on its website:

On this site, you can search for a suitable school by location, exam qualification, specialist subject (for example, business and commerce, computing, or engineering) or personal requirements such as time of day and length of course.

Study English in the UK for International Students

If you prefer self-study, you can find what you need from organizations such as the Linguaphone Institute, which offers a range of courses using cassettes, CDs, textbooks and online tools. These include a Business English Course for students with a basic working knowledge of English who wish to improve their business communication skills. For more information visit the Linguaphone website:

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