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Subjects to talk during a meal

Subjects to Talk During a Meal:

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Contrary to popular belief we don’t always talk about the weather in the UK, and whilst this is a common opener it’s usually as a 2-minute introduction or intersect of conversation.
So what subjects of conversation when invited for a meal in a British home?
Here are some typical topics to talk about, to avoid and dos and don’ts.
1. Do not discuss business at dinner in someone’s home unless the host initiates the conversation
2. Generally, avoid subjects like religion and politics unless you know the other people around the dinner table reasonably well or the topic is introduced by someone else, even then proceed with caution
3. Ask open-ended questions so that people must elaborate on their answers, sparking conversation
a. What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
b.What is the best book you’ve read recently?
c.What sort of music do you like, who’s your favorite band?
d.Do you follow any sports?

4. Ask the second question to follow up your first, this shows attentiveness and is polite
5. Show interest in what people do as a job, ask them more about it
6. Do more listening than talking
7. If you notice that one of your neighbors is left with no one to talk to, either include him in your conversation or turn at a break in your discussion to talk to him for a while. Even if you nothing in common with your neighbor, look around. You can talk about

a. The food
b. The decor
c. The Music

how they know other people at the table

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